Ron Paolillo in Diary of Adolf Eichmann

"A gutsy performance piece."
The Record (New Jersey)

"Powerful and honest."

"This absorbing portrait" (Back Stage), examines the man known as the "engineer" of Jewish extermination. Based, among other documents, on the diaries of Eichmann and of Dr. Josef Löwenherz, the leader of the Jewish Community in Vienna, the Diary traces – step by step – the making of genocide and uncovers the sad extent of collaboration by some Jewish leaders. In addition, this play is a study of Nazi theology, explaining the Why and What of everything Nazi from a Nazi point of view--from special Nazi prayers (such as Grace to the Godly Hitler), thru the belief that "all German women are naturally beautiful and possess a refreshing smell."

Cast: 1. Male or female.

Letter written by Adolf Eichmann in 1962

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