The Beggar of Borough Park
Love or Money, that’s the Question…

"A buoyant play"
The New York Times

The Jewish Week
Set in the the neighborhood of Borough Park, Brooklyn the Beggar of Borough Park examines a poor man's journey to his old 'hood. The beggar's son, a smart, good-hearted guy, and the stockbroker's son, a complete idiot and certified klutz, both vie for the heart of the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood. The first guy offers his love and affection, the second offers five million dollars. Who will win? The Beggar, who knows the ways of the world, tries to convince the girl to marry his son. The lessons of this play "outweigh its laughter," said the New York Times; a "unique, courageous play," intoned the Jewish News, adding: "There is nothing else like it."

A Scene from Beggar of Borough Park

Cast: 7. 5 male, 2 female.

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