The Jewish Theater of New York (JTNY), founded in 1994, is a political theater after the European mold, dedicated to the idea that theater is the perfect tool to examine human ideas, thinking and beliefs.

Championing the notion that Judaism is a "culture that cherishes the question and despises the answer," this theater is open to all and its shows are regularly presented overseas by all kinds of Goyim.

Voted "Most Innovative Jewish Theater in the World" by the prestigious Corriere della Sera of Italy, declared "Theater of Integrity, Inquiry and Chutzpah" by the Village Voice, and named "Brilliant theater, proudly, non-neurotically Jewish" by the Jewish Week, the JTNY was founded in 1994 and is today the only English-speaking Jewish theater company in New York.

Some of the issues tackled by the JTNY include:

sexual restrictions and yearning within the ultra-Orthodox community in Israel and USA;

aversion to sexual intimacy in an upper class American-Jewish town in New York;

the Middle East conflict from the p.o.v. of suicide bombers, double agents, extremists and peaceniks;

the behavior of Jewish leaders and top Jewish organizations during the Holocaust;

Jewish Foundations in America and how they spread their wealth;

the relationship between blacks & Jews in NYC;

Jewish New Agers, Kabbalists and other happy creatures;

the relationship between ultra-Orthodox gays and secular heterosexuals;

Jewish leftists, rightists, centrists, and other diseases;

religious groups in the age of iPhone, Facebook, Twitter and iPad;

• "Arab Spring" and the rest of us;

• the spread of modern-day anti-Semitism in Europe and other places.


In the background: Mehmet Kurtulus playing a Hasidic Jew in "The Last Virgin"