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Contact: Abe Cohen @ TheJTNY@aol.com

The Jewish Theater of New York invites you to THE LIES THEY TELL, part of its Redefining Theater though Literature Series

Schedule of events for 2017 (partial list)

Pre-launch: Saturday, February 4, 8p, at Young Israel of Plainview, Long Island NY

LAUNCH: Wednesday, February 8, 7p, Museum of Jewish Heritage NY -- With Abe Foxman

Sunday, February 12, 5p, Rinat Yisrael Synagogue, Teaneck NJ

Tuesday, March 7 @ 7p, at the Hudson Yards Synagogue, 347 W 34 Street -- Event produced by Party for a Purpose

Thursday, March 9, @ 7:30p, at the Center for Jewish History, 15 W. 16th Street -- Event produced by the Algemeiner

March 21 through May 20: Various events all across Germany.

Please note: Presentation of Allein unter Flüchtlingen/From Mosul to Berlin will take place at the Volksbühne Theater in Berlin on April 6.

More TBA prior to event.

• •  •

Ever wondered why there are so few interviews with Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel? Find out how his press aide gives journalists fake business cards, issued by the City of Chicago, listing a fake email address.

Ever wondered why America’s foreign policies, no matter who’s the president, usually fail? Hear the former American ambassador to Qatar explaining it all: The State Department, as a matter of policy, is not interested in facts.

• Ever wondered about real life in the hood? Find out why people kill each other: “Cause they’re Niggas; they do it cause they do it.” And learn when people feel the biggest urge to shoot each other: in the summer, because “It’s hot and people shoot.”

  • Ever wondered which Americans are the biggest anti-Semites? Think again. The Jews themselves. Take a listen to the Jew Jonathan of Jewish Voice for Peace, as he’s telling Tuvia: “You are pissing from your shoulders. You make me lose my appetite, you f---ing filthy Jew. Your fat fingers will break your iPad, don’t you worry about that? F---ing Jew!” Not to mention, of course, some Israel-loving Evangelical Christians who, as part of their unique love, are certain that all Jews will eventually go “to Hell.”

Ever wondered about life inside a Native American college? Welcome to Chief Dull Knife College in Lame Deer, Montana where students are greeted with this notice on the walls: “ATTENTION! All sex offenders must come into the Office of Adult Probation and update all pictures, physical address and le information A.S.A.P.”

Ever visited the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan? Come by, if you’ve never been here, and listen to the nice ladies smilingly teach you everything you ever wanted to know about Henry Ford, except for one item: Ford’s rabid anti-Semitism. Why? “During training they teach us that if a visitor asks about Henry Ford’s racist history we should say that we never heard of it.”

• Ever wondered what the poorest of America think of former President Obama? Hear “Mad Dog,” a homeless man in Hawaii, telling it clear and short: “That mother---er doesn’t care a f--k about me.”

•  • And, speaking of race relations: Ever wondered how American “diversity” looks in reality? Come and watch fifty blacks singing “Oh, happy day” when a bunch of conservative white males are making millions of dollars in profits.

Jewish Heritage Museum


Rinat Yisrael synagogue


Algemeiner/Center for Jewish History

For more details, please contact Abe Cohen at TheJTNY@aol.com