Like Two Eagles

"Every word can set the world on fire."

"Terrific! Fresh and audacious."
The Village Voice

What happens when:
- a Hamas operative learns that she is actually Jewish…
- a Jewish soldier finds out that he’s actually Arab…
- the Holy Virgin appears to a nun and orders her to commit a crime…???

Like Two Eagles, "the most thought-provoking play I've ever seen" (The Observer), is set in the Holy City and tells the tale of two switched-at-birth children. He: the son of a Palestinian Sheik, she: the daughter of an Israeli Intelligence officer. Twenty years later she is a Hamas operative and he is an Israeli elite army officer. One day her father - who is really his father - orders her to murder him, while his father - who is really her father - orders her brutal rape…

(A musical version, TWO EAGLES, adapted from LIKE TWO EAGLES by John Clifton, is also available by contacting The JTNY.)

In its original N.Y. production, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim actors formed the cast.

Cast: 12. 3 female, 9 male.

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