“Most unique theatrical experience I’ve had… This is an Absurdist endeavor that doesn’t just ride the edge, it goes all the way off… Tuvia takes no prisoners, be they white, Black or Jewish… Go and find ‘Love in Great Neck.’”
Amsterdam News (N.Y.’s leading African American paper)

“What a musical! A triumph of political incorrectness that punches spectators directly in their stomachs… An Absurdist comedy that shows the cold attitude to sex by a rich American-Jewish woman…with nymphomanias, homosexuals, alienated Jews, blacks…”
Corriere Della Sera (Italy’s most prestigious daily)

Love in Great Neck

An Absurdist Musical Comedy about Sex in America’s Upper Class

Told through the eyes of a black nanny, this Absurdist musical comedy pries open the guarded gates protecting the upper class to take a look into the intimate habits of the rich and their poor servants.

On the eve of her 40th birthday, Jill picks up the phone and dreadfully listens to her father’s final words: “Lose your virginity, or lose your inheritance.” Jill appoints her black nanny, Janice, to the position of “Chairwoman of the Selecting Committee” and orders her to choose the ‘right mate’ from the guests attending the birthday party. After 40 years of servitude, Janice gleefully rises to the task...

Despite its laughter, Love deals with serious issues. By choosing to make a no-holds-barred comedy on the sexual mores of America’s multi-layered sub-cultures, Love finds ample time to deal with our many social ills: From racial and religious stereotypes afflicting relations between blacks, gays and Jews, to the under-researched phenomenon of sexual frigidity in the upper class.

Still, Love in Great Neck is not just an “American play.” For even when it’s centered on exploring the “American,” it doesn’t shy away from examining humanity’s foibles anywhere else. Be it the strength of imageries in the world of the religionist or the cover of wealth in the world of the capitalist, Love in Great Neck incorporates them all--in word and song--be it with clothes, or without.

Love in Great Neck employs total nudity and is not suited for children.

Cast: 5. 2 female, 3 male.

A scene from Love in Great Neck

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