One Hundred Gates:
A Love Story in a World of Mysticism and Desire
Michael Suvorov & Reiko Aylesworth in One Hundred Gates

Based on Real People in a Holy Neighborhood
Where Satan Hides Under Women's Clothes,
Angels Roam the Narrow Streets,
Spirits Sneak into Dark Bedrooms,
And the Dead Walk beneath the Earth…

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"Intelligent. Powerful."
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)

Ma’ariv (Israel)

Set in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim, Jerusalem, this "rich, passionately written play" (The Jewish Week) tells the story of Moishe, the 18-year-old son of the late Grand Rabbi, who comes of age in a community where men dare not look at women and the dead are more powerful than the living. But Moishe's eyes wander between Heaven, where he senses the watchful eyes of his deceased father, and Earth, where he is enticed by the smiling face of a beautiful young girl at the bus stop. Who is she: Satan disguised as a creature of beauty? Or can she be the Holy Presence, God’s Feminine Side, disguised for a purpose too incomprehensible to contemplate?

One Hundred Gates incorporates authentic & secretive Jewish kabalistic texts, and is a “coming of age” story shrouded in ancient mystical Judaism.

Cast: 8. 6 male, 2 female.

Elliott Gould in One Hundred Gates

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