Our Mission

• To develop and produce plays and musicals that present a new, thought-provoking perspective on Jewish culture, identity and history;

• To examine Jewish life through various periods of history;

• To expose tendencies towards anti-Semitism, as well as their causes and effects;

• To explore the question of whether Judaism is a race, a religion, or merely a system of thought;

• To address contemporary social issues affecting Jewish communities in the United States, Europe, Middle East and elsewhere;

• To promote dialogue in both Jewish and non-Jewish communities alike about issues affecting Jewish life & culture.


  The artists of The Jewish Theater of New York, one of the most open-minded Jewish cultural institutions of our time, define Judaism as a philosophy that cherishes the question and despises the answer. It's their understanding that what makes Judaism survive the test of time is the fact that after thousands of "debating years" Jews have not yet figured out the answers to any of their questions. This never-satisfied thirst for perpetual questioning also drives the 'engine' of their theater. Knowing that (to paraphrase the Bible) "On the day you see me you shall die," they are here to produce theatrical works that defy easy answers. They do their utmost, in every production they mount, to promote equal sympathy for opposing characters, and to present all sides of the issue equally. Routinely they leave it for their audiences to decide who's in the right and who's in the wrong; who's saint and who's villain; and, many a time, who anyone really is... The JTNY provides opportunities for artists of every ethnicity, background and belief to work together and be one very proud family.

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