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A Modern Romantic Comedy

Will a New Deity Stop The War in Gaza?
The Jewish Theater of New York Presents MOUNTAIN JEWS

New York, NY-- The Jewish Theater of New York announces the world premiere of Mountain Jews, a progressive and provocative comedy about politics, extremism and the nature of belief. Written & directed by Tuvia Tenenbom, the show plays at the Triad Theater, 158 W. 72nd St., in New York City.

MOUNTAIN JEWS, a slice-of-life enactment of the newly created imageries in a world of mounting religious passions, takes a look at "just another day" in the day of morrow. It tells the story, in a minute-by-minute fashion, of a young Jewish Orthodox man from Brooklyn who schleps his new bride to Israel in order to consummate their marriage right below the "Gate of Paradise" located, he is certain, on a Sacred Spot in Hebron. Excited to have sex for the first time in his life, he tells his bride that once she "does it" with him she'll bear forth "2,000 Kosher Jewish babies who will kill every Arab in sight." But problem arises when the beautiful American Jewish bride insists on eating rugelach instead of having sex. What is a young Jew to do? As if this is not enough, Prophet Muhammad--resurrected for an appearance in the Jewish Theater 1,400 years after his death--shows up with a Holy Mission given him from Above to "rape every Jew in sight." Of course, as is always the case in our day and time, our story ends in a rather cheerful mood when the beautiful "JAP" transforms--right in front of our amazed eyes--into a Goddess that everybody worships in the best PC fashion and all sing and dance in happiness and love. Welcome, world, to the new religion of LEAHNISM!

MOUNTAIN JEWS, a play with music, was written by Tuvia Tenenbom, who also directs. Musical composition and sound design: Andy Cohen. Set design: Mark Symczak. Costume design: Elgie C. Johnson. Starring: Greg Engbrecht, Stacy LeVine, Robert Tekavec. Mountain Imps (pre-recorded): Sarah Jacobs, Isi Tenenbom. General Manager: Isi Tenenbom. Press Relations: Liz Lauren, Abe Cohen. Production support by: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Location: The Triad Theater, 158 W. 72nd St., NYC

Schedule: Sun at 3:00, Tue at 7:00. Open Run.

Tickets: $55; $20 students with valid ID. Available online at or by calling TheaterMania at 212.352.3101.

The Jewish Theater of New York welcomes inquiries from the media. Please contact Liz Lauren or Abe Cohen at 212.494.0050 or e-write to

Playwright/Director Tuvia Tenenbom is also a journalist, and has written extensively on the Middle East conflict and on America's social landscape. As a service to our theatergoing community, we occasionally post English versions of his articles on our website. To read Tuvia's recent article about Hebron, please click HERE. (This article, appearing in Germany's most prestigious paper DIE ZEIT, was originally published in German.)

For more info please contact Liz Lauren at 212.494.0050 or email to

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