Is it true that the Jews control Obama? Is it true that American Jews control 70% of the American economy? Is it true that the grandchildren of yesterday's mass murderers are today the most compassionate people on the planet? To find out the obvious answers to all these three questions, come and see I Sleep in Hitler's Room in NYC.

Actors of I SLEEP - NYC

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The Four-Month Spiegel Best Seller I Sleep in Hitler's Room / Allein unter Deutschen was presented onstage in New York in May of 2013 with the following cast:

Marianne HettingerRev. Ulf LunowHunter ThoreCristina Torres

Discussion and Q&A with: Klaus Prömpers, German TV (ZDF) Bureau Chief, NY and Tuvia Tenenbom, JTNY's Artistic Director.


(Note: Read HERE Tuvia's article on Fox News.)


* The JTNY's next production, Alone Among Jews, is scheduled for Nov 2014 *


I Sleep in Hitler's Room: An American Jew Visits Germany

When a nation suffers humiliating defeat at the battlefield what happens to its people: do they embrace the ideologies of their conquerors or do they secretly hold on to their own old beliefs, hoping for the pendulum to swing back their way?

May 2013 marks 68 years since Germany's unconditional surrender and the successful defeat of Nazism, an ideology that preached for romanticism and racial supremacy, coupled with an abundance of crematoriums.

But what actually happened on that day of surrender in May of 1945 – did Germany really abandon its Nazi ideology or did it just stop flaunting it? More important: Deep in their hearts, what do today's German people think?

Germany, a country and people at the very core of our Western civilization, and one of its most affluent members, affects our daily lives much more than we are aware of. Highly influential American cultural entities, such as Random House publishing house, have long been sold to German companies, to cite just one example. Yet we know precious little about Germany, its people and traditions.

Tuvia Tenenbom, artistic director of The Jewish Theater of New York and a columnist for the Zeit, one of the most prestigious of German media, recently spent a considerable time in Germany, interviewing many of its people: from the top of culture and politics to the illiterate, from 90-year-olds to 14-year-olds, from richest to poorest, and from their most sacred to their most profane.

The picture that emerged can be found in his book, I Sleep in Hitler's Room, which was published over a year ago by the Jewish Theater of New York. In December of 2012 the renowned literary publishing company of Suhrkamp made the book available in German. Entitled Allein unter Deutschen (Alone Among Germans) it immediately became a hit – Top Ten on Spiegel Best Seller list (equivalent to the New York Times Best Seller list in the USA) – helping to mount an intense debate in Germany about their true feelings about Jews, then and now.

For weeks on end thousands of people have gathered to experience Allein unter Deutschen in a wide variety of presentations, ranging from the famed German theater, the Volksbühne in Berlin, to the bastion of the radical left, Rote Flora in Hamburg. Countless articles have been written, and the debate is still continuing.

Now, marking the 68th May Anniversary, the Jewish Theater of New York presents the very sad but also extremely funny dialogues/interviews from the book on the New York stage. For information please call 212-494-0050 or write to TheJTNY@aol.com.

The Jewish Theater of New York welcomes enquiries from the media. Please call us at 212-494-0050 or write to TheJTNY@aol.com.

Actors of I SLEEP in NYC

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